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Stats Rewriting Script by PESs5 (Tomaszzz or podaj)
« on: November 12, 2009, 16:14:27 »
Evo jednog izuzetno korisnog programa...

Quote from: PESs5;1789289
Hi, I think that this tool can be very useful. ;)

Code: [Select]
First launch (Before you start you must install AutoHotKey).

1. Download file
2. Unrar

Rewriting stats

1. Launch "PES.ahk" by double clicking.
2. Open Stats.txt.
3. Launch Editor, open Player's window, delete Attack value and leave cursor in this field.
4. Select stats from website and press "Insert".

Notes: When you are using my script the window "Stats.txt" must be opened. When script is working don't push any buttons.

///Tomaszzz (podaj)

Polish Editing Scene

With this tool rewriting stats from Atack to Team Work takes only about 6 seconds!

Not tested on PES 2008, 2009, 2010, but should work, created for PES 5, 6.

Better download and watch because quality on Youtube can't show good how it rewrites stats.

YouTube - Stats Rewriting Script tutorial

Please comment. ;)

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