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How to install

1. Unpack this file into a folder of your choice.
2. Start AFS Explorer V3.7. After that, You have to choose File –> Import AFS file…
3. In a dialog box, watch at a last combo box and select All Files(*.*)
4. Choose where this game was installed. Program files –> KONAMI –> Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 DEMO –> img –> dt0d.img

Suppose that there is pop-up “Missing descriptors information. Use “Modify reserved space” funtion to fix it. AFS Explorer can auto-rebuild the AFS file, do you want to rebuild it ?” Click “Yes” You have to fix dt0d.img file if this program ask you modify reserved space.

Warning : You have to backup dt0d.img file.

5. Go to Action –> Import Folder.. and open the Adidas gloves folder –> dt0d.img.
6. Answer “Yes” to questions and this file will be opened.
7. In a windows dialog box, watch at last combo box and select All Files(*.*)
8. Now save the “dt0d.img” file as “dt.img”
9. Wait for the end of rebulding and answer “Yes” to the next question. This file will be reloaded.
10. Click “OK” and then close the AFS Explorer program.
11. Remove your old dt0d.img file and rename the new file from dt.img to dt0d.img

(Adidas gloves made by pla_ManU, edited by poloplo)

Rename to “unnamed_490.bin” and import to “dt0d.img”…

Nike Gloves by yoni1

Adidas Response Grip Glove's V2 DOWNLOAD NOW

Hello people

I´m portuguese
I create a adidas glove's for pes2010 demo!
The model is Adida Response Grip



[Demo] Adida Response Grip by Zznh.rar

Thanks people

Sory my bad english

New gloves PES2010 made by Pablo1919 & edited by onsilva12

Replace unnamed_490 in dt0d.img. This gloves are made by Pablo1919 and edited for PES 2010 by onsilva12

Adidas Response Grip Gloves by Zznh
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Re: Gloves
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Gloves Mega Pack PES 2010 by Pablo1919

Place file in dt0d.img folder in your img folder