Author Topic: No Radar/No Player Cursor Fix For Hex Edited CL-Scoreboard (ninuzzu) by RvP  (Read 3906 times)

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- CL Scoreboard by ninuzzu
- removed radar
- removed player cursor

The patch is based on ninuzzu’s work.

How to install:

There are 2 folders inside this archive.
The folder you have to concentrate on depends on the monitor you have.
So choose between normal view and widescreen!
In theese 2 folders you’ll find another 2 folders(dt05_x.img and dt06.img).
Open AFS Explorer and import the files from dt05_x.img-folder
into dt05_x.img(x stands for the language you use) and rebuild it.
Do the same for dt06.img.

(C) RvP and ninuzzu

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evo za one koji koriste cl scoreboard od ninuzzua a zele imati transparentan radar bez player cursora nek koriste ovaj file...
Napravio mi ga je Hawke sa evo-weba...
Evo kako izgleda u igri...

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