Author Topic: PES 2017 PC - igranje na neslužbenim rezolucijama (4K i sl.)  (Read 1460 times)

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Iako je službeni 4K patch dostupan samo za PS4, na PC-u već neko vrijeme postoji alat za 2017 koji omogućava igranje na više-manje bilo kakvoj rezoluciji.

Spomenuti alat modificira settings.dat datoteku iz vašeg save foldera, pa je preventivno backupirajte, za slučaj da nešto pođe po zlu. Ako modificirani settings.dat otvorite s Konamijevim settings.exe, izgubit ćete custom rezoluciju, pa morate nakon toga opet upotrijebiti ovaj alat.

PES17 OnOff Selector & 4k Enabler v2.20
by johnnyusa2k3 from

1.ONLINE Enabler/Disabler
It enables/disables the online mode. Useful for those of you that play mostly offline using different mods by different patchmakers. Why useful? Because with Online disabled you can't mess up the offline database because of the new "Online update" (Live updates) function KONAMI implemented this year.

2.4k Resolution changer

Virus total link
d4ec032fa9b58dced74319795658d10f16f832d80ea85fecfd29e0d2e07 c7cff

Download link:

Pass: forevoweb

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v1.00 - initial release
v1.10 - fixed dInput bugs reported by [USER=43062]@Hawke[/USER]
- New UI
- Code optimization
- Picture Quality and Screen Mode settings
- Now you can add custom resolutions starting from 640x480 up to 5120 × 2160
- PayPal button for those that appreciate the work are are willing to donate a beer
- Minor UI tweaks
- Completely rewritten and optimized detection and writing structure of values
- Fix for those that have Voice Chat Enabled in Settings
- Fix for bad DPI scaling on 4k resolutions