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Message to "CRO PES Team"
« on: July 19, 2013, 10:10:09 »
Hello gyus,first,i am albanian patch-maker and I'm the creator and founder of Illyria Patch & PES Albania,i saw your Patchs,and they were fantastic, i really admire your work,your patch seems very professional.

 We are planing to create a patch for PES 14,with Balkans squads (Albania,Croatia,Serbia,Greece,BiH,Kosovo and Macedonia and Montenegro,Bulgaria,Romania).
We intend that in PES2014 we will create in our patch:
Balkan Super League,with 3-6 teams from Croatia. (3 in first division,and 3 in second division,cause we are thinking to create two divisions of Balkan League)
I'm inviting you to be part of this project,this would be a great thing for all of us. We proposed to PES Greece and they accepted,we are waiting for your answer.
So we want from every PES representatives  country (From balkan only) to create theirs teams,face,and kits. For example : PES Albania team will create only Albanian teams,PES Greece will create only Greek teams,i hope you know what i mean.
You can chose the teams that will include which you are going to create,you can invite your friends from your staff to be part of this project.

Respect, Imperatore from PES Albania.

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Re: Message to "CRO PES Team"
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2013, 21:19:58 »
It's way too early to accept any projects related to PES 2014. We don't know anything yet what the game will look like from editors perspective, how difficult (or not) is editing going to be, will there be enough editing tools, etc. For example, you mentioned facemaking - judging by the early screens, facemakers will have to deal with something that is far more complicated than current-gen faces.

For all we know, due to complexity, we might end up doing fairly simplistic Croatian league patch for 2014 (basic data and kits). We will have to face a whole new engine & related tech and it's too early to make any decisions.

Bottom line - once PES 2014 goes out and when (and if) we release our Croatian league patch for 2014, I do not see any real obstacles to share certain parts of our patch with your project. I believe that other members of our editing team share similar thoughts. All in all, you'll have to contact us again later this year, a lot closer to 2014 (late november/early december). By then we should have clear plans and vision about our editing activities for PES 2014.

What I do not see as an option is members of our editing team joining forces with your team and working in parallel on both Croatian league patch and your project. There's very simple reason for that - unfortunately, our editing team is way too small as it is right now and most likely bound to become even smaller. We simply won't  have enough free time to work on more projects.